Teen Suicide Prevention Program

Statistics show suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for Riverside County (RC) youth 12 -17 years old and since 2001, suicide attempts have become the leading cause of injury among the same age group.

Twelve (12) targeted areas of RC have been indentified for prevention and early intervention.  These areas include:

  1. Arlanza
  2. East Riverside
  3. Rubidoux
  4. Moreno Valley
  5. Hemet
  6. Beaumont
  7. Indio
  8. Murrieta
  9. San Jacinto
  10. Banning
  11. Coachella Valley
  12. Desert Hot Springs

Injury Prevention Services (IPS) has received funding from the Riverside County Department of Mental Health to assist school sites in the development of a yellow ribbon suicide prevention and awareness program.

Program Goals

  • To bring awareness surrounding the issue of teen suicide.
  • To allow students to act as a resource for their peers in seeking mental health services
  • Provide leadership training and community service opportunities for Riverside County youth.

Program Overview

The program begins with an assembly by Motivational Media Assemblies (MMA). This presentation uses current movie clips, celebrity interviews and youth testimonials to highlight the benefit of making positive choices. The purpose of the presentation is to introduce the topic of suicide prevention, and to start the dialogue on campus regarding this issue. After the assembly, one (1) service group on each campus will take the lead and establish a series of awareness campaigns. Three (3) awareness campaigns will be conducted throughout the year to help reduce the stigma of seeking mental health services. Once the program is complete, there will be an evaluation of the success in achieving program goals.

Our program does NOT act as a crisis intervention program for youth in immediate need OR provide direct mental health services to school sites.
If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please call Community Connect's 24 hour HELPline
at (951) 686-HELP.


For more information regarding the Teen Suicide Prevention Program, please contact one of our staff members:

  • Rebecca Hansen, Program Coordinator


IPS Office Hours

IPS office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5 pm.

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